Artifact Cases
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  Artifact Cases :: St. Louis Art Museum  
Client: St. Louis Art Museum
"Egyptian Gallery Cases"

Proto Productions was contracted to produce two highly custom cases to display a range of ancient Egyptian artifacts. Working from concepts provided by the museum Proto engineered archival cases with a number of special features. The 7-1/2 foot tall “Funerary Case” has optically clear low iron glass doors with concealed hinges and high security locks on all four sides. These doors allow for easy access to install a variety of artifacts such as sculpture, canopic jars and other artifacts.

A 9 foot long table case holds a variety of ancient coins. A large magnifier slides along rails above the display chamber allowing visitors a closer view of the coins. The magnifier mechanism was engineered for durable, trouble–free use by the thousands of people that visit the museum every day. A touch screen monitor built into the case provides information about the coins.