Artifact Cases
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  Gallery Accessories  
Simple and elegant label holders offer a variety of display methods. The acrylic label holder is custom made to any graphic letter size format. These are made with non-glare lenses and available with 1/8" to 1/2" thick backs in white, black, and clear. Graphics are simply slipped in between the lens and the back plate. Labels can be free-standing or wall mounted using adhesives or hanger screws. Label bands are extruded aluminum in 5'' or 8" and are available in any length up to 12'.  Label bands are provided with anodized and powder-coated color finishes. Standard colors are silver and black. All have a 1/8" non-glare lens that is removable and captures the graphic

Label bands can be installed flush on vertical surfaces using adhesive or hanger hardware. A steel powder-coated bracket can be provided for a free-standing label, which also can be installed in the aluminum vitrine frames available for our 4 and 5-sided cases. For the vitrine frames without this extrusion a simple wedge block can be provided. For cases with raised decks a magnetic system can be used for the attachment of label bands, making it simple to remove and replace the graphic label without the use of tools.

Decks, Back Panels & Risers (Small Plinths)
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Standard decks, panels and risers are fabricated from Medex, which is a medium density fiberboard, that is formaldehyde free. The Medex is sealed with laminates, aluminum foils, or Camger, a poly-glaze coating and then finished with a low or no VOC coating. Alternate conservation materials such as aluminum plate, aluminum honeycomb, acrylic, and ethafoam are options. Acrylics and aluminum can be painted, laminated or wrapped with fabric. Ethafoam, which is a high density foam (9#), can be laminated to an aluminum plate or dibond sheet and fabric wrapped. Honey comb decks and panels are edge-framed with poplar and fabric wrapped.

Interactive Flip Books, Lift Labels & Rotating Labels
Flip books are free-standing displays mounted to platforms or cases with multiple pages. The book pages are laser printable heavy photo stock or tear resistant printable paper. Pages are printed on both sides on various sizes of paper, including standard letter or tabloid size pages. Different styles are available but not limited to include spine pivoting, page turner with up to six pages, 3-ringed pages and multiple articulated hinge systems.

Lift Labels are designed to be robust, yet function flawlessly and provide very few pinch points for visitors. Labels pivot with concealed pivot hardware which have set limits for opening from 85° to 170° and are self-closing. These interpretive interactives can be built into reader rails, interpretive panels, or wall-mounted. They can use laminated digitally produced photo reproductions or photo-screened graphics. The lift labels are available in a variety of sizes and materials with various methods for pivoting and multiple mounting techniques.

Rotating labels have three graphic surfaces to increase interpretive information on the area with a limited display space. These are precision made 3-sided graphic bands that have only one moving part. The 3-sided graphic label spins effortlessly and has a unique indexing system that positions the graphic surface and limits free spinning.

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Freestanding displays are an elegant solution to provide temporary visitor information, directional wayfinding, gallery interpretation, and labeling. There are six styles, all using iron-free 3/8" thick glass, welded formed steel bases and steel brackets that hold a variety of changeable interpretives. The stands have edge-polished glass and powder coated steel provided with floor glides.

Label Rail Stands have an 8" graphic rail that starts at 10" wide up to a 60" length. The graphics are supported by an extruded aluminum channel and protected with a 1/8" non-glare acrylic lens.

Flip Book Stands are capable of housing 4 to 50 two-sided pages, laser printed or laminated. Flip book pages can be easily replaced and can be made to fit any page format size. Other styles with varying page capabilities are available.

Gallery Panels provide large graphic areas. Format sizes can be specified. An extruded aluminum frame can be provided for a changeable graphic with a removable top frame section. Panels can also be provided without the frame system for permanent graphics. These graphics are provided as laminated photo reproductions or as digital melamine graphics.

Label Stands are well suited for directional or visitor information, either as a permanent or temporary graphic. Photo screened graphics, photo reproductions, or digital melamine graphics are just a few of the available graphic formats. Stands can be single or double-sided.

Section Panels are provided in large formats, typically poster size. They can be single or double-sided graphic reproductions with a permanent or interchangeable graphic system.

Rotating Label Stands provide a unique system for displaying information in a small area. They are available as a free-standing floor display, wall mounted, or mounted on cases. They provide 3 rotating faces of various heights from 2" to 8" and at various lengths. The device has only one moving part and is fabricated with a unique indexing system that positions the graphic face in the correct position every time.

Label Markers
A unique variety of acrylic markers provide a means of identifying cases with multiple objects and small flat art pieces. The traditional cube and flat discs are available from 1/2" to 1-1/2" with a graphic on one side and an optional frosted face.

New markers are available with sloped faces and bases in square, round, and rectangular shapes, sized at 3/4" with a clear or frosted face. These offer viewing angles at 30°.

Set of markers are available with or without graphic numbers or letters in sets of 10, 25, 50, and 100. Numbered markers are photo screen-printed with a durable black or white acrylic ink. Other colors are available in your choice from a PMS selection. Optional fonts are also available.

Rectangular label markers with sloped faces or bases are available from 1-1/2" to 5". Larger and longer labels can be specified. Label markers offer an alternate method to discreetly identify the artifact or object.

Square and round discs are available with a 1/16" diameter pin hole for brass round head pins to install on vertical surfaces. Brass pins are provided for each disc.

Dome markers provide a unique magnification of the number or letter and are viewable from all angles.